Apollo Auctions welcomes real estate veteran Justin Marsden to its team

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17 Apr, 2024

By Apollo Auctions

Apollo Auctions is proud to announce the appointment of Queensland real estate veteran and auction expert Justin Marsden to its growing stable of independent auctioneers around the nation.

Mr Marsden has nearly 25 years’ experience across the real estate profession, including as an auctioneer for a number of major franchises.

Apollo Auctions now has 39 auctioneers across Australia and New Zealand.

Apollo Auctions Director Justin Nickerson says the addition of Justin brought an additional layer of experience to the team.

“One of the great things about him is his lived experience in every role and facet across the real estate profession. For example, he’s been an auctioneer, but he’s also been a sales agent. He’s been a business owner, but he’s also run a state,” Mr Nickerson says.

“He really has a depth and a 4D understanding of real estate that very few other people do.”

Mr Nickerson says Justin’s substantial experience across the real estate sector provides a plethora of attributes that will benefit Apollo clients.

“His deep experience across the entire real estate sector enables him to see things from different angles, have different perspectives, have a greater knowledge base, and a lot of relationships,” he says.

“So, for us to be able to attract and pair up with someone of his calibre, it’s a huge win for us, and for all of our clients, too.

“He’s also very, very well-known throughout Queensland, so much so that I now kind of joke I’m the second most well-known Justin in Apollo Auctions.”

As well as decades of real estate experience, Mr Marsden was also the perfect fit for the team culture at Apollo, Mr Nickerson says.

“Justin’s personality also really suits us as well. He is quick to a joke, but he takes what he does very seriously,” he says.

“All his attributes as a person align with what we want to be as a business. So, although he may be a different kind of likeness to what we have had previously, his personality gels with our team really well.
“That’s always been a really fundamental aspect of Apollo – in that we are a team of people who work very hard for our clients, but we also like to have fun at the end of the day, too.”
With a diverse background in business and a degree in performing arts, Mr Marsden’s nature naturally lends itself to the auction process, which has allowed him to combine his professionalism and natural presence with award-winning results over his career.

Plus, he thoroughly knows the backend of the property market having successfully held agent, principal, and State management positions across the Sunshine State.

“I am dedicated to securing the best outcomes for the agents that trust me with being the face of their auction and ultimately reinforce their sellers’ trust,” Mr Marsden says.

“My ability to integrate the sales process, convert relationships to loyalty, and harness agent trust comes from over 20 years of property and business experience.

“I believe that each agent and each sale is unique and deserves respect. Each auction is exclusive, and I work dynamically with each team to deliver sustainable outcomes for their sellers”.
Apollo Auctions also recently welcomed auctioneers Grant Barnett and Ross Cannell to the team, who will service the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions.