Justin Marsden


A loyal, honest property professional, Justin has a contagious, energetic demeanour that endears his Auction and sales skills to a wide ranging audience and market. This reputation has been built from the ground up reinforced by industry knowledge, hard work and a determined approach to provide exceptional results. Justin brings over 20 years of business acumen to the Auction process and has a strong repeat client and agent base that know results will be achieved with the right team culture.

The subtle comments, the head tilts, the quiet reservations, Justin is adept, focused and has a needle eyed focus for ‘reading the room’. With a diverse background in business and a degree in Performing Arts, Justin’s nature naturally lends itself to the Auction process, which has allowed him to combine his professionalism and natural presence with award winning results.

Launching his property career in early 2000, Justin has built an unprecedented reputation within the industry for his ability to simultaneously appeal to a wide market of stakeholders. Energetic, dynamic and unapologetically results driven, Justin has a reputation that speaks for itself with ongoing client, agent and seller relationships clearly cemented within the Queensland property arena. Justin knows the backend of the property market having successfully held agent, principal and State management positions.
“I am dedicated to securing the best outcomes for the agents that trust me with being the face of their Auction and ultimately reinforce their sellers trust.
“My ability to integrate the sales process, convert relationships to loyalty and harness agent trust comes from over 20 years of property and business experience. I believe that each agent and each sale is unique and deserves respect. Each Auction is exclusive, and I work dynamically with each team to deliver sustainable outcomes for their sellers”.

With auction experience across a diverse portfolio and price points, Justin is skilled to understand and empathise with the nerves and the overwhelm by listening and interpretation of body language. I endeavour to bring the best out of all buyers in the process and this leads to confidence from my agent and their sellers”.

A natural talent and a natural demeanour his personality and mannerisms, Justin is adept with win win experiences and building relationships. He is repeatedly requested by agents and sellers alike, thanks to his reputation and results. Justin truly understands the intricate balance of being on both sides of the Auction process. High level communication skills that parallel his experience leads to Justin being a highly sought after and recommended Auctioneer.

Energy and enthusiasm combined with professionalism and expert knowledge, makes for a formidable (and winning) combination for Justin and his sales team.

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