In Room vs. On-Site Auctions: Which Is Right for You?

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17 Aug, 2023

By Apollo Auctions

The auction world is brimming with options, but one question seems to resurface time and time again among our clientele: “Should I opt for an In Room or an On-Site auction?”

To set the record straight, let’s delve into some hard data. From our extensive experience conducting over 5,700 auctions throughout Australia and New Zealand in 2022, the difference in clearance rates between On-Site and In Room auctions is minuscule, pegged at less than 1%. This statistic not only underscores the expertise of Apollo Auctions but also implies that the choice between the two largely hinges on preferences rather than performance.

In Room Auctions: More than Just a Transaction
Beyond mere sales, In Room auctions present an opportunity to craft an event for the local community. It’s a platform to engage not only potential buyers and sellers but also curious residents. This kind of setting can be an invaluable chance for agencies to showcase their efficient processes and the energy they bring to the table.

Moreover, with the rise of online streaming and bidding technologies, the world has become smaller. Buyers can now actively participate in In Room auctions from any corner of the globe, making the auction process more inclusive and expansive. Hosting an In Room event in your local office or venue allows you to control the environment and flow of evening,

On-Site Auctions: Making a Local Statement
There’s a unique charm in On-Site auctions that’s hard to replicate. It’s an open invitation for neighbours and local spectators to gather around and witness an auctioneer’s prowess in their element, right at the heart of a property. Such events become localized spectacles, often turning into community experiences.

Whether you lean towards In Room or On-Site auctions, the final decision should be tailored to fit the needs of your vendors, agents, and the unique nature of the property itself. At Apollo Auctions, we believe in versatility, and with the almost identical success rates of both methods, the choice boils down to personal preference and situational suitability. Furthermore, the traditional ‘On-Site Auction at 11am Saturday’ is no-more. Weekday auctions are rising in popularity due to the increase in flexible working environments. We find that Saturday time slots often compete with life events such as school sports, birthdays, Christenings, weekends away, weddings and anything else that falls on the weekend.

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