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Recap from past competitions!

The Apollo Auctions Competition is done and dusted for 2023! Our winner for 2023 was Vincent Doran from South Australia who took home the trophy, the glory and our cash prize! He also took home the best one liner for the competition for the second year in a row. His one liner was ‘…its not the size of the bid that matters, its where you place it’ and was a crowd favourite.

One of our biggest reflections on the competition is the incredible fraternity between our competitors. There was so much support in the room.

A reminder that auction competitions aren’t about winning, they are about putting yourself in a situation to develop your skill set and improve by taking on feedback and challenging yourself to get better.

Winner 2023
Vincent Doran is the 2023 Winner of the Apollo Auctioneering Competition & Best One Liner.

Representing Toop+Toop, Vincent is the youngest winner of the Apollo Auctioneering competition.

We look forward to welcoming Vincent and our South Australian fraternity back to the competition in 2024.

Rising Star 2023

The 2023 Rising Star is John Phillips. Travelling all the way from New Zealand, John impressed the judges and the audience to take out the top prize in the rising star division.

John was one of three Kiwi counterparts to take on the Rising Star competition. We thank everyone for investing in themselves and join our competition.

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