Dynamic Duo take out the REIV Senior Auctioneer of the Year awards in Melbourne

Profile headshot of Lauren Brewer

21 Aug, 2023

By Lauren Brewer

Auctioneering competitions stand as a testament to skill, wit, and mastery of the trade. And it is with immense pride that we celebrate a significant victory at the recent REIV (Real Estate Institute of Victoria) Competition. Our very own Greg Brydon clinched the winning title, with Luke Banitsiotis following close as the esteemed runner-up. Both are formidable talents from Apollo Auctions, and their achievements are nothing short of stellar.

Greg’s prowess at the gavel combined with Luke’s finesse in engaging the audience led Apollo Auctions to stand tall at the competition. These victories don’t just symbolise individual accomplishment; they represent dedication, hard work, and the relentless spirit of the Apollo family.

And the journey doesn’t end here. This September, the vibrant city of Auckland will host the cream of the auctioneering world at the Australasian Auctioneering Competition. Both Greg and Luke have earned their places to represent Apollo Auction. Joining them at the Australasian stage are Apollo Auctioneers Greg Allan, Mark MacCabe, and Richard Kerr. Each of them has showcased unparalleled expertise in their respective arenas, thereby qualifying for this prestigious competition.

Having five representatives from Apollo Auctions is not just an honour but a testament to the rigorous training, dedication, and passion embedded in the ethos of our organisation. It is an affirmation of our commitment to excellence in the realm of auctioneering.

As September approaches, the excitement builds, and the stakes get higher. We’ll be cheering the loudest, waiting to hear more success stories from Auckland!

To our competitors, partners, and supporters, join us in this journey. Let’s celebrate the spirit of competition, the art of auctioneering, and the joy of shared victories.