An auctioneer with a big heart (and big results, too)

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26 Apr, 2024

By Apollo Auctions

When a vendor works with Melbourne auctioneer Peter Sinclair, it’s highly likely the experience will not only produce exceptional results but will also have an aura of calm about the process.

In fact, Peter says that his calmness is one of main professional attributes, which he is able to put to good use during auction campaigns.

“Being calm and having empathy is just part of my personality and I have found that these are very useful characteristics to employ as an auctioneer, too,” he says.

Spend just five minutes speaking with Peter and it’s obvious that he cares very deeply about his clients.

“Some of my most memorable auctions have been the ones where I am helping sell the homes of elderly parents,” he says.

“It can be a challenging time, not only for the vendors, but also for their children as they say goodbye to longstanding family homes.

“I am always so honoured to help them successfully auction their homes, but also to assist them with moving on to the next phase of their lives.”

Peter had a successful career in the sporting goods industry for many years but always had a love of real estate and auctions.

So, 18 years ago, he began working as a sales agent in the Victorian capital. He started his auctioneer career in 2010, which has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Even though Melbourne is seen as the auction capital of the country, Peter says that there are still large pockets of the city that don’t employ the sales method.

“In Melbourne, we have also seen an increase in the number of specialist auctioneers, such as me, who provide a superior level of service for vendors and agents alike,” Peter says.

“One thing I really enjoy is being involved in the entire auction campaign from the very beginning, which means that I always make myself available to meet, or speak, with vendors before auction day.

“I find that developing a rapport and trust with the vendors helps to secure the best possible price for them on the day, but also assists with reducing any stress they have about the process.” Peter recently joined the Apollo Auctions team as he embarks on the next phase of career and is looking forward to being part of the largest independent auction house in Australasia.

“I have been following Justin and Apollo for some time and have always been impressed by their results as well as their team culture,” he says.

“When I met with Justin, he seemed very human to me – meaning, I instantly understood that he cared as much as I do about all of his clients, which is very important to me.”

It’s crystal clear that Peter is one of those auctioneers whose passion for the craft is the backbone of everything he does.

And he is also someone who cares deeply about the results that he achieves for his clients – regardless of whether it’s a one-bedroom unit in Elwood or a five-bedroom mansion in Toorak.

He is, without a doubt, an auctioneer with a big heart (and big results, too).