Julia Rust


I believe that an auction is the best way to market and sell pretty much any property.

To secure the best price, on the best terms possible for the client, while buyers can see the market transparently. Auction is the promise of a proven process. No two auctions are ever quite the same which makes it exhilarating.

My wealth of experience and knowledge in sales means that I have a strategy for any scenario that may happen at any given moment- that also means that you can trust that things will run smoothly.

I pride myself on going that extra mile for my clients, keeping them involved every step of the way and I will ensure that I leave no stone unturned to get every last cent out of the market on the day. It is true to say that I love the “thrill of the kill” and I have a passion for selling that comes naturally to me. I know without a doubt, that this is what I was born to do. Put your trust in Julia Rust.

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Finalist 2023 & 2024 LVD Championships

Runner Up - 2024 Apollo Auctioneering Competition