Jack Barrett


With a love for property and a knack for negotiating deals, Jack embarked on his journey in real estate with a clear vision of making a lasting impact. As an up-and-coming Real Estate Agent, he achieved remarkable success, particularly in selling properties through the auction process. His keen understanding of market dynamics and unwavering commitment to delivering results have solidified his reputation as a trusted and reliable agent. Named a finalist for the prestigious Young Gun of the Year award by the Real Estate Business (REB) in 2023, Jack’s dedication to his craft and exceptional talent have earned him recognition among industry peers.

Joining the Apollo team, Jack brings a contagious energy and enthusiasm to the auctioneering space. His magnetic personality and genuine passion for his work create an engaging and dynamic atmosphere at every auction he conducts. Clients and colleagues alike are drawn to Jack’s positive attitude and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Jack’s journey in the real estate industry has been marked by a relentless pursuit of improvement and growth. From the outset of his career, he recognized the importance of honing his negotiation skills and mastering the art of conducting successful auctions. Competing in auction competitions since the inception of his career, Jack has fine-tuned his abilities and developed a keen instinct for navigating complex negotiations with ease.

With a background as a personal trainer, Jack understands the importance of building strong relationships and fostering trust—a philosophy he seamlessly integrates into his approach as an auctioneer. His ability to connect with clients on a personal level, coupled with his innate empathy and integrity, sets him apart as a standout professional in the industry.

As Jack continues to carve out his path in the auctioneering space, he remains steadfast in his commitment to delivering unparalleled service and exceeding the expectations of his clients. With his unique blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and genuine warmth, Jack Barrett is poised to make a significant impact and achieve great success in his role at Apollo Auctions.

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2023 REB Finalist - Young Gun

""Jack Did an amazing job as the auctioneer for a property I sold in Caboolture. He was really supportive of an agent who rarely sells a property via auction. He had control of what was going on and provided advice and guidance along the way. I would definitely recommend Jack from Apollo Auctions if anyone is looking for an auctioneer that knows his stuff and strives to get the right result" "

- Narelle