Richard Kerr: Perth’s stand out in the Auctioneering Arena

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11 Aug, 2023

By Apollo Auctions

The best in the auctioneering field in Western Australia recently battled for the title of ‘Auctioneer of the Year’, with one competitor that stood out – Apollo Auctions’ very own, Richard Kerr. Demonstrating unparalleled prowess and captivating presence, Richard clinched the prestigious ‘Gift of the Gavel’ title in Western Australia, further establishing his dominance in the regional auctioneering space. This accolade, recognized by the peak body REIWA, is a testament to Richard’s dedication, expertise, and command over the dynamic auction environment.

Richard’s victory is not just an individual accomplishment. It represents a beacon of hope for the Perth real estate market, which has recently faced challenges with record-low stock levels. A mere glance at REIWA’s figures paints a stark picture: only 5,458 properties were up for sale at the end of June 2023, marking a staggering drop of 36.5% from the previous year. While the property numbers dwindled, the commitment and resilience of the market did not waver. The 844 sales transactions registered in the last week of June alone stand as evidence.

Despite these trying conditions, the auction climate in Perth remains spirited. Engaging crowds, enthusiastic bidders, and the palpable energy at the auctions emphasise the city’s undying passion for real estate. It’s particularly heartening to note that many of Apollo Auctions’ clients reported securing listings post-auctions in the past month – a remarkable feat considering the prevailing scarcity of listing stock.

Now, as September approaches, the spotlight once again turns to Richard Kerr as he prepares to compete at the Australasian Auctioneering Championships. Facing off against 13 elite auctioneers from across Australia and New Zealand, Richard carries Perth’s hopes and Apollo Auctions’ pride on his capable shoulders. The entire Apollo team and Perth’s real estate community will be cheering him on, eager to see this local hero elevate his status on the international stage.