Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from the 2024 Apollo Auctioneering Competition

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6 Mar, 2024

By Apollo Auctions

On Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th March, the auctioneering community gathered at the prestigious QT Sydney for the highly anticipated 2024 Apollo Auctioneering Competition. Over two days of intense competition, some of the most talented auctioneers from across Australasia showcased their skills, determination, and passion for their craft.

In the Elite Division, Greg Brydon of Ray White & Apollo Auctions Victoria emerged as the champion, showcasing his unparalleled expertise and commanding presence on the auction floor. His ability to engage bidders earned him well-deserved recognition as one of the best in the business.

In the Open Division, Bryce Bevan of Bresic Whitney claimed the top spot with his exceptional negotiation skills and unwavering confidence. Julia Rust of Apollo Auctions also made a remarkable impression, securing the runner-up position with her poise and professionalism.

Meanwhile, in the Rising Star competition, Tim Solly from The Auction Company and Amir Shamsi of Torres Property shared the spotlight as joint winners, demonstrating exceptional potential and promise for the future of auctioneering.

A highlight of the event was the presentation of the Best One Liner Award to Robert Tulp, whose witty response to the question “Is it on the Market?” left the audience in stitches. Inspired by a real-life scenario experienced by director Justin Nickerson, Tulp’s quick thinking and humor added an element of levity to the competition.

Throughout the competition, all participants showcased incredible skill, talent, and dedication to their craft. Stepping out of their comfort zones and putting themselves under the microscope, each auctioneer demonstrated their commitment to excellence and professionalism.

As the event concluded, participants and spectators alike left inspired and motivated, with a renewed sense of passion for auctioneering. The 2024 Apollo Auctioneering Competition was not just a showcase of talent; it was a celebration of the auctioneering community and its unwavering dedication to excellence.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their outstanding performances. Your talent and passion are truly commendable, and we look forward to seeing your continued success in the auctioneering world. Thank you so much to our sponsors Property Credit and Auctions Live.

Until next time, keep auctioning and striving for greatness!