A love of auctions becomes a reality

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27 Mar, 2024

By Apollo Auctions

Even though Ross Cannell had worked in international sales for decades, he admits he was always fascinated by two other potential careers.

One was calling horse races, and the other was auctioneering.

“Those were two things that always really fascinated me,” Ross says.

“It was something about just being ad-lib and being spontaneous. Just calling it as it is and as you see it.

Being allergic to horses made the decision easy.
However, a few years ago, something profound happened in his personal life that gave him the courage to finally fulfil his dream of becoming an auctioneer.

As it turned out, Apollo Auctions Director Justin Nickerson was finishing up one of his regular auction training seminars and the next thing Ross knew he was taking part in this first auction competition with literally zero experience under his belt.

“It was a lot of fun, but I also quickly realised how much is involved in being a professional auctioneer – it was a bit of a reality check for me. “At the same time, I got a real buzz out of it, and wanted to take it further,” Ross says.

Fast forward several years and a number of auction competitions, including one that he won, and Ross has been recognised by the REIQ for his auctioning ability and has been trained by some of Australia and New Zealand’s most experienced auctioneers.

He also recently joined the Apollo Auctions team where he hopes to help agents and vendors across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, while continuing to perfect the auction craft.
“It’s all about transparent and open communication with the agent to get the best result possible for the vendor,” Ross says.

“I feel absolutely honored to be part of the Apollo team.

“I am fortunate to be surrounded by not only a group of quality auctioneers but more importantly a group of quality people. I look forward to developing further as an auctioneer under the guidance and support of Justin and the team.”

Reach out to book your next auction with Ross; or reach out to him directly on 0477 610 022 or [email protected]