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Penny Tarrant

Working alongside her role as Director of Real Estate Recruitment Australia, Penny brings a power of experience and expertise to the Apollo team.

Penny started her auction career at the Public Trustee of Queensland as a fulltime auctioneer in 2005.  A fantastic learning ground of varied properties and marketplaces across Queensland, Penny quickly honed her skills in dealing sensitively with beneficiaries, family members, difficult clients and stakeholders while achieving premium results.  The first and only female auctioneer in the 102 years of The Public Trustee, she gained a reputation for working to get every last cent for vendors, to the extent that staff members requested Penny to auction their own homes.  

For the last 9 years, Penny has called auctions independently for agencies across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  The foundations of Penny’s auctions are her negotiation abilities and engaging bidders.  Her ability to form relationships quickly, do the job accurately and always get the best result under all conditions have been paramount to her success.